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Do infrared heaters work? | Yahoo Answers


OK - here goes once again!

a) All, repeat 100% of, every single electric resistance heater is equally efficient read more...

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Infrared Heaters, Are They A Smart Purchase?

In Upstate New York we have to be prepared for any type of weather. Fall in the Southern Tier can be unpredictable. One day we can have 70 degrees with sunshine and another day it can be so cold that we want to turn the heat on.

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A Guide To Space Heaters

High oil prices have many of us trying to save money on heating costs. One option is to use space heaters. They can add warmth and comfort to your home, as long as you use them safely. Space heaters can cause fires if you don't use them properly.< read more...

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The Pros and Cons of Infrared Heaters

An increasing number of houses and establishments are switching to infrared heaters. Infrared heating employs a distinct and more useful approach that's why infrared heaters are quickly replacing the old types of heaters in the market. With its su read more...

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Are Infrared heater really worth it?

It depends upon what you are trying to heat and the nature of the space and how you are using it. Infrared heaters are designed to heat primarily by radiation. They "heat people." This kind of heat loses it's effectiveness the same way that a read more...

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Personal Narrative Examples - Making Your Story Real

Personal narrative examples can be powerful tools for the writer or public speaker. These narratives give the writer or speaker the opportunity to relay a personal experience to their audience, showing them exactly how they were effected and what read more...

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I Tried To Sit In An Infrared Sauna For An Hour, And Here's What Happened

I'm not into sweating profusely. It's a big reason I gave up doing read more...